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Skydive Safety

Australian Parachute FederationAt Australian Skydive safety is out main priority. We run in strict accordance with the Australian Parachute Federation (APF) and have an excellent safety record (source APF) one of the best in Australia if not the world.

The APF is the organisation that controls skydiving and parachuting at nearly all the civilian operations in Australia. With the approval of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) it sets the standards of operation, conducts competitions, issues licenses and instructor ratings, conducts exams and publishes a magazine (ASM) and newsletter to keep its members informed of current events and safety standards.

All of our instructors are qualified with the APF and undergo regular medicals and training set out by our governing bodies. The pilots we have on board all hold commercial pilot licenses and have jump pilot authorisation through the APF and have extensive local knowledge. Our planes are maintained and serviced regularly in compliance with CASA and the APF

All our equipment is modern and ┬ámaintained / serviced by qualified people. The ‘Reserve Chute’ is checked and repacked every 6 months by a specially certified Packer. There is also an ‘automatic computer activation device’ which will open the parachute if for some reason the instructor does not.