Meet The Team

Over 50 years skydiving experience
and combined over 90,000 jumps.


Australian Skydive Team

At Australian Skydive you are jumping with some of Australia’s most experienced skydivers. With Australian and world champions on our team our guys are passionate about giving you a memorable and Adrenalin filled experience.


Greg & Ralph the owners of Australian Skydive have been actively jumping since the mid 70’s. With both owners working throughout the world during this period, and Ralph having represented Australia on 5 occasions at World Championships. Both hold the highest Instructor Ratings attainable through the Australian Parachute Federation.

Operations Manager/DSZO

Our Operations Manager and Drop Zone Safety Officer (DZSO), Bernie, has been working for Australian Skydive for over 5 years. He is a man of many talents, one of which is juggling our staff, aircraft and gear. Making a busy drop zone run smoothly and efficiently is a fine art, of which our man Bernie has down pat!

Chief Instructor

All drop zones require a Chief Instructor (CI) to operate. A CI oversees all things skydiving – from training to all the boring safety stuff. Our fearless leader is Mike, or fondly known as Tibbitts. Tibbitts has over 9,000 jumps, and over 10,000 photos of his Golden Retriever on his phone.

Tandem Masters

Our team of Tandem Masters (TM) collectively have over 16,000 jumps in an array of different disciplines. From swooping, to flocking, to angles, our instructors lead the way to badassery on the DZ. They have skydived all over the world and picked Australian Skydive as the their jam. They are also the happiest bunch of humans you’ll probably ever meet.


By far the hardest workers on the drop zone are our packers. Our two packers, Sarah and Meg, are a female-force not to be reckoned with. On our busier days they can pack up to 75 parachutes…each. Whilst the rest of the world go skydiving, they are on the ground packing to ensure our customers get the smoothest and safest parachute openings known to man. If you see them on the DZ, give them a high five and tell them how rad they truly are.


Our Pilot, Tim, has been flying for over 10 years When he is not flying loads and doing piloty stuff, he is an avid Physicist. He is also a skydiver, who did his first jump course here at Australian Skydive!

Ground Crew

And a final shout out to the ground crew who keep this crazy world turning! Marc has been here for over 15 years, and Bec, nearly 8 years! If you have jumped with us before, or are about to take the plunge, you will most certainly come across either Marc or Bec in your skydive adventure.

We all look forward to jumping with you soon!

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