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So, you enjoyed your Tandem & want some more?
Why not learn to Skydive Solo?

100% pure adrenalin guaranteed… become a qualified skydiver and enjoy a life of incredible fun. Australian Skydive takes people with no experience through all levels to become competent and qualified skydivers. There are many training courses available at Australian Skydive including:

  • AFF – Accelerated Freefall Skydiving Courses
  • TAF/AFF – Tandem Assisted – Accelerated Freefall Courses

Exceed your wildest dreams and learn to skydive with our nine-stage Accelerated Freefall (AFF) skydiving course. You will learn to skydive at your own pace through a structured learning environment. Learn & subsequently master a variety of new skills, meet new people and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Many of our AFF students have moved through the ranks of Skydivers to where they have represented Australia in World Competition’s.

For your first stage (AFF #1) you will undertake approximately 8-9 hours of classroom/ ground training, learning and rehearsing each component of the skydive, until you are 100% ready to go. Our equipment is modern and is thoroughly inspected after each jump, and then pulled apart and inspected every 6 months by our staff, to ensure it is fit for purpose.

Once ground training has been completed to the appropriate standard, you’ll exit the aircraft with two instructors holding on to you, execute a few skydive tasks on the way down, deploying your own parachute at 4500 feet, then fly through the sky to your landing area.
When you have successfully completed the nine AFF stages, you would need to complete some further consolidation jumps to practice and enhance the skills you learnt during training. You will practice accuracy landings unassisted and learn how to pack your own parachute as well. Once you have satisfied the requirements you’ll be eligible to apply for your A Licence from the Australian Parachute Federation.

After you have completed the entire course you can start to skydive on your own, and think about where the adventure will take you next. With an A licence under your belt, you can hire a rig and jump at other drop zones in Australia or around the world, you can jump with other skydivers, enter club competitions and with more experience jump higher performance parachutes and experience flying the skies in a whole new way!

Skydiving disciplines include freeflying/ freestyle (after aprox 50 jumps), flatflying (formation skydiving, after approx. 25 jumps), Canopy Relative Work (CRW, after 100 jumps), wingsuiting and canopy piloting (“swooping” after 200 jumps) to name a few. The sky’s the limit.

What’s involved in your AFF Course?

There are several different disciplines in skydiving, after approx. 25 jumps there is flatflying (formation flying), after 50 jumps freeflying / freestyle, after 100 jumps Canopy Relative Work (CRW) and after 200 jumps wingsuiting and canopy piloting (swooping) to name but a few. The sky’s the limit.

Stage 1

Together with two highly experienced skydiving instructors you will complete your first solo skydive. You will steer your own parachute, communicating with an instructor on the ground until you are guided in safely for landing.

Stage 2

Stage 2 teaches you how to fly forward through the sky in a ‘delta’ body position. Your two skydiving instructors continue to hold you and fly with you the whole way.

Stage 3

Learn how to make controlled turns in freefall and hover on a column of air. When you are ready, one of your skydiving instructors will let you go and fly in front of you.

Stage 4

Jump out at 14,000 feet with just the one instructor. Once you have demonstrated your stability at the beginning of the jump, your instructor will release their grip on you to come around and fly in front of you.

Stage 5

Try a solo exit from the plane and learn how to turn your body 360 degrees. After practising ‘docking’ techniques, you will deploy your parachute at 3500 feet for an unassisted landing back at the drop zone.

Stage 6

After a solo exit, this skydive focuses on turns and forward movement.

Stage 7

The Stage everyone looks forward to! After exiting the plane, your instructor will demonstrate a backflip – follow their lead and have a blast doing your own backflip! Initiate your turn and make a high-speed track away from your jumpmaster.

Stage 8

Consolidate your solo skydiving training with a dive exit followed by fall rate control to your instructor, then a 360-degree left and right turn followed by a track.

Stage 9

The last stage in your AFF course involves two jumps exiting the plane from 5000 feet and 4000 feet to orientate you to jumping from lower altitudes. Congratulations, you have just graduated!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the AFF Course?

It depends on the individual person, time restrictions and weather. All going to plan, some students can finish their AFF course over two weekends. Other students like to spread it out over a couple of months to fit in with their budget or work schedule.

What do I need to get my A Licence?

Approx. 15- 20 successful jumps (including approved accuracy landings), learning to pack a parachute plus the successful completion of a written exam. Check out our learn to skydive information below for more details on earning the Australian Parachute Federation (APF) A Licence.

What is involved in the AFF Course?

Check out what’s involved in the nine-stage AFF course above.

How many jumps per day can I expect to do when I am learning?

Most students average two jumps per day. It really depends on your personal progression and stamina!

What are the wind limits for AFF students?

Wind speed limit for AFF students is 15 knots.

Our Skydive Packages

For more information about our skydiving license packages and pricing or to make a booking to get your skydive license please choose one of the options below.

Health & Safety

Weight Limit
Participants over 80kg (fully clothed) are subject to instructor assessment & our maximum weight limit is 100kg (again fully dressed)
Age Limit
Participants must be 18 years old or over 12 years old with parental consent.
Students must be able to speak and write English.
Before you skydive
You cannot have consumed any drugs or alcohol in the 8 hours preceding your skydive. No scuba diving 24 hours before skydiving.
Health requirements
Any medical conditions should be discussed with us before booking and may require evaluation by a Medical Practitioner and/or our instructional staff. It is not advisable to skydive if you are pregnant, or have back, limb or joint injuries.
All jumpers are required to sign a health declaration and indemnity form prior to skydiving. Please be aware that even if you have made a reservation, we reserve the right to decline participation due to health and safety concerns.

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